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Graduation Bid Post on Additional Available Suites

In a recent meeting held at the L.C. Walker Arena with their new management team, we were informed that three additional suites were now being made available to us for graduation seating.  The three suites now available for bidding are:

  • Section 116 Suite (Seats 12)
  • Section 117 Suite (Seats 24)
  • Section 118 Suite (Seats 12)

The bidding map (below) shows the location and seating capacity of these spaces.  The bidding starts at $25.00 for each space. Bids can be increased in $5.00 increments only.  The winning bidder will receive the tickets for this space only.

Please notice the tunnel in the diagram below.  Girls will be entering onto the arena floor through the tunnel and turning left along the sections 101-109.  The boys will be entering onto the arena floor through the tunnel and turning right along the sections 120-113.  This will be helpful information if you’re interested in bidding on suites 116, 117 or 118.


You can access the bid sites in two ways (listed below):

  • Access the bidding site through the R-P App.  The same icon is located at the bottom of the home screen

The next screen will ask you to provide username and password information.  Use the following information for:

  • Username = Student I.D. number
  • Password = Student date of birth (MMDDYY)

On the menu bar, click on Online Auction (see photo below)

Your next screen will look like this (photo below)

Click on the “Enter Auction” link (in green)

Ceremony Seating & Bid Screen (Photo below)

If you decide to bid on a Suite, click on the “BID $25.00” button for the area you desire seating for.  If your bid is the highest, the button will turn green.  If the button is red, someone else has the current highest bid.  You can then, if you choose, continue to bid for the space desired.

The bidding for suites 116, 117 and 118 will open at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 2nd and close at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, May 3rd.

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R-PHS Takes Home Two Top Trophies at Showcase 2019

Last night, R-PHS was the only school to take home two of the coveted Showcase trophies home!

In the category of group performances, “Killer Queens” featuring Cassidy Briggs, Ray Brock, Jaxon Carpenter, Anna Compton, Johnathan Krause, Laura Nolan, Brennan Norman, Gabby Peabody, Maizee Rogers, Maddy Wentworth and Jacob Westerhof sang “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.  Their stage performance was simply AMAZING, earning them top spot in the group performance category.

In the visual arts category, Cody Neinas earned his first place finish for his pencil artwork titled “Aged Emotions”

In the category of Literary Arts, Sarah Huiber was recognized as Honorable Mention with her poems titled: “Boxed Inside Myself”, “To Faith” and “The Monster You Make Of Us”.

Congratulations to our Showcase award winners!  You have made R-P proud!


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R-PHS Choir Rates High With Judges

The Reeths-Puffer High School Choirs performed at the Michigan School Vocal Music Association’s District Choral Festival in Grand Haven on Thursday, March 14th.  All RPHS Choirs received Division 1, Excellent Ratings for their performances and sight-singing.

Our select women’s choir, Vocal Fusion, was the first choir to sing at the competition.  Our host school’s teacher, Juli Dick, remarked, “Your ladies just set the bar high for the day!”  The RPHS Combined Women’s Choir (which includes Rocket Ladies Choir, MadriGALS, and Vocal Fusion), wowed the judges as well.  Gregory Cleveland, one of the judges, wrote, “I loved working with this choir!  Pure joy!”  He even took time to take a quick photo of the group, stating that he just wanted to share this moment with his daughter who used to sing in his combined women’s choir.  The RPHS Combined Women’s Choir went on to sight-sing perfectly for a 30 out of 30 score.

Our Rocket Men’s Choir and Mad Men performed “Inscription for Hope”  and “O Sole Mio” with freshman soloist Caleb Sobolewski.  The judges were impressed with the choirs beautiful tone, intonation, and outstanding diction.  While the men worked on their sight-singing, a storm raged outside the building making hearing difficult.  Instead of letting the added noise distract them, the choir stepped up their volume and earned a perfect score of 30 out of 30.

RP Madrigals premiered Eric Hester’s song “Before”.  Eric Hester is a Reeths-Puffer and Madrigal Alumnus.  The song was composed in the anticipation of his firstborn child.  Their performance of “Before” and “The Word” left two of the judges teary-eyed.  Judge Monty Bishop, and 2018 MSVMA Teacher of the Year, even followed Madrigals into the sight-singing room, to convey how moved he was by Madrigal’s performance.  The next day, Eric Hester congratulated Madrigals on a successful performance via cell phone, as he had seen the video of “Before” posted on Facebook.  RP Madrigals achieved perfect performance scores from all three judges, and they were invited to apply for a performance time at the Michigan Music Conference next year.
Over all, it was a great day for the RPHS Choirs, congratulations!
A few selections to listen to are presented below.
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R-P Educator Named Innovator of the Year

R-P Speech Pathologist and Co-Founder of Camp Shout Out, Ms. Julie Raynor, was awarded the 2019 Lakeshore Innovator of the Year award last week at a reception held at the Grand Valley State University Innovation Hub in downtown Muskegon.

Ms. Raynor became interested in young people who stutter when her young daughter woke up from a nap with a sudden and severe stutter.  Since that time (2007), Ms. Raynor has participated in numerous workshops and conferences dealing specifically with fluency.

Ms. Raynor’s own positive experience with summer camps in her youth helped give rise to Camp Shout Out.  Camp Shout Out is about:

  • Swimming, boating, ropes course, crafts, horseback riding, campfires and more.
  • Personalized communication goals targeted within small and large group interactions
  • Parent education, participation (first & last days of camp)
  • Experts in action!  Board certified speech pathologists & graduate students support

To learn more about Camp Shout Out, click here

With more than twenty potential winners, the five finalists were honored with a reception held at the Grand Valley Innovation Hub to be recognized for their innovations.  The reception program brochure is pictured below.

Ms. Raynor’s acceptance speech can be viewed below.  She’s an exceptional person!


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Grad Night Registration Deadline: March 28th

Seniors!  Yes, the members of the class of 2019!  Time is running out to get registered for Grad Night 2019!  The Grad Night party takes place on the campus of GVSU and it’s a night of fun that you will long remember.

Registration forms are available in the Student Services and completed forms can be turned into the same place, Student Services.

Home of 2019 Graduate Yard Signs are now available!  They are $20.00 each.  Signs will be on sale during conferences, March 26th from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the high school.

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Showcase 2019: R-PHS Will Represent!

Showcase is an annual fine arts competition among schools in west Michigan.  The competition traces its roots back to 1981. Reeths-Puffer has had a strong connection to the show since its inception as we have participated with talented acts and have provided the stage crew each and every year.  This April, we will send 16 of our very best students to compete in the two day event at the historic Frauenthal Theatre and another 8 to serve backstage. Reeths-Puffer will perform on Wednesday, April 10 or Thursday, April 11.    The awards are given out at the end of Thursday’s show. The awards in the four performing categories are 3rd place – $300, 2nd place – $500 and 1st place – $1000.  These are cash awards, not scholarships.  There is also an overall “Showstopper” award given out which carries a $1000 prize as well.  

In academics, our honoree is valedictorian Dekota Kilcrease.   He will be honored for academic achievement in the program. He  will also have his senior picture displayed on our academic wall of honor at the high school.

In athletics, Karina VanDuinen and Carter Fulton are the female and male honorees. Both were unanimously chosen by their coaches as the most outstanding athletes in our student body.  Each will have their picture displayed during the show and their athletic accomplishments listed in the program.

Athletics and Academic honorees do not compete, but are included in the program with a narrative of their accomplishments.  

Our visual artist is Cody Neinas. He was selected by the art department.  His piece is called “Aged Emotion” and is a pencil and charcoal drawing. The piece will  be submitted March 29th to the Betty Clark-Canon gallery where it will be displayed for the month of April.  His work is presented (photo of his actual work) below:

Our literary artist is Sarah Huiber. She was chosen by the English department for her poetry.  Her 3 poems titled The Monster You Make of Me, Boxed Inside Myself and To Faith.  They will be reprinted in the Showcase program for all to enjoy.  If you would like to read her work, click on this link.

Our solo / duo performer is Madison Navoni.   She will perform “On My Own” from Les Miserables. Her  vast talent will be featured in this extremely difficult solo from one of the most famous musicals of all time.   

Our group performance is made up of Cassidy Briggs, Jake Westerhof, Ray Brock, Madison Navoni, Anna Compton, Maddy Wentworth, Jonathan Krause, Jaxon Carpenter, Laura Nolan, Brenan Norman and  Gabby Peabody. They will perform the powerful ballad “Don’t Stop me Now” by Queen.

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College Match

R-PHS students will soon engage in the M-Step, Michigan’s chosen assessment plan for all juniors attending public schools across our great state.  The chart below gives the reader an idea of the typical SAT scores of freshmen class of the colleges and universities included in the chart.  It gives perspective and comparisons to recognizable schools in our state.