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Teen Challenge Visits 9th Grade Classes

Teen Challenge of Muskegon paid a visit to campus on Tuesday of this week to speak with our freshmen about the impact our choices can have on our lives.  Two groups, one male and one female panel spoke to students during their social studies class.  A synopsis of some points of emphasis along with student quotes are presented below.

The Teen Challenge Men Shared Personal Stories and Topics Such As:
  • Nobody is immune to addiction, It can hit anyone. There are college athletes up here, theater and band stars up here, A-B students up here. All of us lost everything to addiction
  • Don’t rebel against structure. Find a structure and stick to it. When you start going places that you are not supposed to be, that’s when you find others how are doing things that shouldn’t be happening.
  • Compromising early with little things, led us to compromising big things later on. The compromises got bigger and bigger and bigger.
  • Anyone who says marijuana is not a gate way drug is lying. We all started with marijuana, then alcohol, then pills, then… you name it…
  • It’s okay, to not be okay. Just don’t try to go through it by yourself
  • Find those who love you and stick with them. Find those who love you and let them help you.
Quotes form our boys:
  • “You can’t be invisible, even when you think you are.”
  • “Talk to your friends and family about things, no matter what.”
  • “Some of their stories hit home, I know friends who are doing some of the things they did.”
  • “Never thought things like this could happen to me, maybe they can.”
  • “It’s weird to think that drugs can get that bad and wreck your life.”
The Teen Challenge Ladies Shared Personal Stories and Topics Such As:
  • We have been working on life controlling behaviors and trying to gain our control back. Addiction, cutting, finding abuse.
  • Addiction led to me always finding abusive relationships. I realized I do not need a man to give me value and worth.
  • Cutting allowed me to forget the “numb” I felt all the time. I realized I had all the attention I needed from those who loved me.
  • I was always the one who seemed strong and in control. I was living a double life. Nobody knew that cutting and abuse was controlling my life.
  • My secret made me sick. Talking about those things has cured me.
  • My self-worth issue led me to being abused. It led me to human trafficking. I didn’t even care that I got sold. Addiction and abuse just made me now care about anything, most of all myself.
  • You are all beautiful. You are all perfect. There is no real reason to feel anything different. People may say mean things but it is mostly due to the fact that they are hurting too.
  • Hurt people… Hurt people.
Quotes from our girls:
  • “Know your self-worth, know you are beautiful, know you are perfect.”
  • “Talk to people who you trust and feel safe with, no matter what the situation.”
  • “Hurt people, hurt people.”
  • “It’s okay to leave people who hurt you, even if you still love them.”
  • “You need to care for yourself, before you can care for those around you.”
  • “Secrets make you sick, telling people your secret can cure you.”
  • “I really needed to hear that everybody here is loved.”
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FAFSA Workshop a Success!

R-P HS had a successful Paying for College Night: FAFSA Workshop on October 3rd! Twenty 12th grade students and their families came to the event to hear a short presentation from a Baker College Financial Aid Adviser, and were able to start working on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Many families were able to complete and submit their FAFSA for the 2019-2020 school year! Filing FAFSA is the biggest step families can take to making college affordable, and is even required to receive the Muskegon PROMISE. Keep an eye out for more opportunities to work on FAFSA with the experts, and please contact R-P HS College Adviser Ms. Stein with any questions (

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Tech Math Students Visit Michigan Spring and Stamping

Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Stapel’s Tech Math classes took advantage of Advanced Manufacturing Week by visiting local manufacturing company, Michigan Spring and Stamping.  Tech Math is a class designed to give students the math skills they need to be successful in technical careers such as Electrical, Welding, Machine Operation, Auto Mechanics, and many others.  The trip to Michigan Spring and Stamping gave students a hands-on first look at how the math we use every day is used in their future careers.  Many thanks to the Human Resources department and the knowledgeable staff at Michigan Spring for the tours, the testimonials, the opportunity to practice applying for a job online, and for walking us through mock interviews.

Quote from senior,  TJ Waters:
“I had the opportunity to visit Michigan Spring with my class.  Coming from shop experience already, it was awesome to compare things.  I also learned a ton about the shop itself and the background of the shop.  I would recommend this trip to many people for two different reasons, one being to see if you do or don’t want to work in a shop your whole life and the second reason being to see the positions you can move up into in the shop and the benefits and pay raises you can get.”
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Choir Students Selected to Attend MSVMA Musical Theatre

The following RPHS Choir students were selected for the MSVMA Musical Theater Intensive day through a singing audition:  Caleb Sobolewski, Oli Ridout, Jacob Westerhof, Ray Brock, Jonathan Krause, Grant Kawaleski, and Cassidy Briggs.  MTI selected only 100 singers throughout the state of Michigan for this event. These students will have the opportunity to work with clinicians Catherine Walker, The University of Michigan’s School of Music, Theatre and Dance, Jeremy Mossman, Department of Musical Theatre at Western Michigan University, and Jamie Reed, Department of Musical Theatre at Oakland University and Jason DeBord, The University of Michigan’s School of Music, Theatre and Dance on SaturdaySeptember 29 at Portage Northern High School.  Congratulations singers!

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High School Open House: Wednesday, Sept. 5th

With the start of the 2018-19 school year upon us, the high school staff will be available this week Wednesday, Sept. 5th from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. to greet you and talk about the courses they teach and answer any questions that parents or students may have regarding classes or school events.

The format is very informal allowing parents and students to walk the halls meeting new and old teachers as they like.  Administrative and counseling staff will be available to also answer any questions that arise.

We hope to see you this Wednesday between the hours of 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the high school!