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Graduation Bid Post on Additional Available Suites

In a recent meeting held at the L.C. Walker Arena with their new management team, we were informed that three additional suites were now being made available to us for graduation seating.  The three suites now available for bidding are:

  • Section 116 Suite (Seats 12)
  • Section 117 Suite (Seats 24)
  • Section 118 Suite (Seats 12)

The bidding map (below) shows the location and seating capacity of these spaces.  The bidding starts at $25.00 for each space. Bids can be increased in $5.00 increments only.  The winning bidder will receive the tickets for this space only.

Please notice the tunnel in the diagram below.  Girls will be entering onto the arena floor through the tunnel and turning left along the sections 101-109.  The boys will be entering onto the arena floor through the tunnel and turning right along the sections 120-113.  This will be helpful information if you’re interested in bidding on suites 116, 117 or 118.


You can access the bid sites in two ways (listed below):

  • Access the bidding site through the R-P App.  The same icon is located at the bottom of the home screen

The next screen will ask you to provide username and password information.  Use the following information for:

  • Username = Student I.D. number
  • Password = Student date of birth (MMDDYY)

On the menu bar, click on Online Auction (see photo below)

Your next screen will look like this (photo below)

Click on the “Enter Auction” link (in green)

Ceremony Seating & Bid Screen (Photo below)

If you decide to bid on a Suite, click on the “BID $25.00” button for the area you desire seating for.  If your bid is the highest, the button will turn green.  If the button is red, someone else has the current highest bid.  You can then, if you choose, continue to bid for the space desired.

The bidding for suites 116, 117 and 118 will open at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 2nd and close at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, May 3rd.