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College Information for R-PHS Seniors

If you’re worried about paying for your education after high school, make sure you apply for the Muskegon Community College Foundation Scholarship – it’s 1 application for 600 scholarships! See the attached step by step information sheet and start the application HERE. It’s due February 1st, 2019, so start now!
Interested in looking for more scholarships? Make a FREE Scholly account to find hundreds of scholarships you qualify for! Look at the attached instructions for the FREE Join Code! (Don’t enter any credit card information into this website – the join code makes it free!).
Don’t forget about FAFSA, another important way to fund your education! Our goal is to reach 100% FAFSA completion by March 1st, 2019. Winter Break would be a great opportunity to work on FAFSA, and I’ll be accessible over email if questions come up!
If you haven’t started FAFSA yet:
  • Step 1: Go to, hit login, and it will take you to the FSA ID page. Select ‘create new one’ – you will need your social security number to make you FSA ID (login for the FAFSA).
  • Step 2: Login and start the 2019-2020 FAFSA. You will need your 2017 tax return and W-2. If you are a dependent/live with your parents, they will need an FSA ID, their social security number and 2017 tax return and W-2. (If this is confusing, come see me!)
  • Step 3: Complete AND submit the FAFSA! Once you submit, it will take 3-5 business for your SAR (Student Aid Report) to be processed.
Filing FAFSA is the most important step you can take in financing your education – don’t miss it and come see me if you have questions! 
Once you submit FAFSA, in 3-5 Business days, your SAR (Student Aid Report) will be processed. Your SAR is basically a receipt of your FAFSA that 1. shows you it was successfully submitted and processed, 2. estimates your EFC (Expected Family Contribution), and 3. tells you if you are eligible for the Pell Grant (free money from the federal government that goes toward your tuition bill – that you don’t have to pay back!). I need to see your SAR! When you show me your SAR – you will get a full size candy bar of your choice and your name entered in a drawing for Wesco and Brooklyn Bagels gift cards! The first drawing will take place once R-PHS reaches 50% of FAFSA completion – so let’s all work together to make this happen!
How to access your SAR (Student Aid Report):
  1. Log into as returning user – use your FSA ID and password you created to file FAFSA.
  2. Once you login, you should see a box that says: Congratulations (NAME), 2019-2020 FAFSA has been SUCCESSFULLY SUBMITTED! (or something similar to this).
    • Below this message should be three blue links – the first one should say View My (SAR) Student Aid Report – click this link!
  3. Show me the SAR! You can email it to me (by saving it as a PDF), login with me and we can look at it together, or screen shot it and show it to me with all the information I need included in a single image. Attached is a sample SAR (with confidential information whited out). I ONLY need to see:
    • Top Part of page: Application Receipt Date and Processed Date
    • Under FAFSA Data: Line 1 and 2 (Student’s first and last name).
I don’t need a copy of your SAR, I just need to see it to make sure it was processed successfully for you to get your full sized candy bar and name entered in the gift card drawing.