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Mr. Hodson Walks Out Of His Shoes

The official end of the marching band season came with our Stadium Echoes Concert when our State Champion Marching Band gave a standing performance of their show.  This tradition started with our first Stadium Echoes Concert when our senior band members, at the conclusion of the last note, march out of the arena, leaving their shoes behind.  The meaning behind this gesture is twofold: first, they leave their mark with the band as a lasting memory that, although they have left, they will always be a part of our band program. Secondly, they leave their shoes behind for new members to fill, knowing that their standard of excellence has a foothold on the program.

Mr. Hodson announced his retirement at the start of the marching band season, and the Stadium Echoes Concert would be his last event with the R-PHS Marching Band program.  In following custom, Mr. Hodson stepped out of his shoes and as the last band member left the arena, Mr. Hodson turned, faced the large audience, and gave his last bow to a standing ovation.  A very fitting end to a storied marching band career.

The ledger of accomplishments of this year’s marching band is presented below.

The last photo taken of this year’s guard (below).

Photo of the band as they prepare for the performance (Below)

A few photos from the performance (Below)

Mr. Hodson escorts his mother to her seat.  She was a proud member of the Big Red Band for Muskegon High School and would not let Mr. Hodson quit band when he wanted to in his 7th grade school year.  What little did she know at the time of how that decision would help shape his career!

Mr. Hodson prepares for his final exit (Below)

An incredible legacy!  Thank you Mr. Hodson!