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PBL: Project Based Learning

Rockets educating Rockets! A huge shout out to Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Mollett from RPHS and Mrs. Overway and Mrs. Marvin from RPI and most of all, their students. Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Mollett’s cross-curricular 9th grade, World History and English Project Based Learning (PBL) students created children’s books to share with Mrs. Overway and Mrs. Marvin’s students at RPI.  

On Tuesday 10/30/18, the 9th graders walked to RPI and met with Mrs. Overway and Mrs. Marvin’s students. The 5th and 9th grade classes were then grouped up with four high school students reading their books and leading guided activities for four RPI students. The RPI students took notes, did activities, and provided constructive feedback to the high school students.

This was an outstanding, collaborative opportunity for the high school students to present their knowledge to the 5th graders and ultimately answer their driving question for the unit: “Did the benefits of exploration outweigh the costs?”. It served as an equally profound opportunity for the RPI students to be introduced to the Age of Exploration, which they will be learning about later this school year.  After the 9th graders finished their reading and activities, the RPI students also practiced their craft of giving targeted feedback. We are so fortunate to have such innovative teachers and students willing to explore ideas and try new things to maximize their potential as educators and learners.