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Tech Math Students Visit Michigan Spring and Stamping

Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Stapel’s Tech Math classes took advantage of Advanced Manufacturing Week by visiting local manufacturing company, Michigan Spring and Stamping.  Tech Math is a class designed to give students the math skills they need to be successful in technical careers such as Electrical, Welding, Machine Operation, Auto Mechanics, and many others.  The trip to Michigan Spring and Stamping gave students a hands-on first look at how the math we use every day is used in their future careers.  Many thanks to the Human Resources department and the knowledgeable staff at Michigan Spring for the tours, the testimonials, the opportunity to practice applying for a job online, and for walking us through mock interviews.

Quote from senior,  TJ Waters:
“I had the opportunity to visit Michigan Spring with my class.  Coming from shop experience already, it was awesome to compare things.  I also learned a ton about the shop itself and the background of the shop.  I would recommend this trip to many people for two different reasons, one being to see if you do or don’t want to work in a shop your whole life and the second reason being to see the positions you can move up into in the shop and the benefits and pay raises you can get.”