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Booktasting at R-PHS

Ms. Samantha Sanders, English teacher and Mrs. Joan Vincent, Library Media Specialist at R-PHS arranged a unique experience for students recently.  They staged a “Book-Tasting” party in the LMC!

The purpose of book tasting is to provide students with a scaffold opportunity to explore books in a manner which will then enable them to make education reading choices for themselves.  The books used for our book tasting were pre-selected from our ninth grade literature circle collection.  Literature circles are part of our 9th and 10th grade English reading experience.  Literature circles provide students a degree of choice in what they read, provide students the opportunity to read a contemporary young adult novel, and provide students additional practice with close reading and analysis in a group setting.  The photo below provides a view of the table setting for book-tasting.

Ms. Sanders commented, “I believe it is helpful for students to experience and explore books in order to find their individual taste in literature. The book tasting event was a great way for my students to test out their reading interests and hopefully extend outward into different genres and topics.”

Mrs. Vincent shared the following take-aways from the Book-Tasting initiative:

  • Students appreciated the opportunity to a have a structured focus for evaluating each book. Many of them have not taken the time before to consciously consider how a book’s cover impacts them or what they can learn about an author’s writing style or mood of a book from the first few pages.
  • Students discovered an interest in a title or two that they would not have considered reading otherwise.
  • And of course, as a Library Media Specialist, my heart warmed every time I heard a student say, “This book sounds really good.  This is the one I want to read.”