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A Smartphone’s Impact on Students: Should They Have a Warning Label?

The attached article is a “must-read” for any parent of a student entering ANY grade in school!  The author, Jean M. Twenge, shares her meta-research on generational behaviors and details adolescent behaviors that deserve our attention and action.  A few excerpts from the article:

The more time teens spend looking at screens, the more likely they are to report symptoms of depression.  Eighth-graders who are heavy users of social media increase their risk of depression by 27 percent.  Teens who spend three hours a day or more on electronic devices are 35 percent more likely to have a risk factor for suicide.

The number of teens who get together with their friends nearly every day dropped by more than 40 percent from 2000 to 2015.

The article can be accessed via the link below.  Please take the time to read it.

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?