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Preparing for the SAT

On Tuesday, April 11th, R-PHS juniors (class of 2018) will take the SAT as part of the M-STEP test.  There are many tutorials on the web for preparing for the SAT as well as some helpful tips when taking the test.

It’s worth the time to view a tutorial or two on preparing for the SAT as this assessment score is requested as part of the admissions process at most colleges and universities.

To view a recommended prep video for the SAT, click on the link below:

Effective Strategies for Each SAT Section

General SAT Test Taking Tips:

  1. Be aware of the time – better to skip a difficult question and come back to it than leave yourself without time to try all of the questions.
  2. You can write in your test booklet – so do!  Make reading notes, cross off eliminated answers, star/circle questions you are skipping etc.  
  3. Process of elimination – if unsure of answer, look first to eliminate those answers you know are incorrect.  This should leave you with 1-2 answers to consider.
  4. Every question on the SAT is worth the same amount so focus on answering the easy and moderate questions correctly rather than losing valuable time struggling with difficult questions.  
  5. There is no penalty for an incorrect answer so do not leave anything unanswered.
  6. Select a “Letter of the Day” approach – LOTD applies when you have to make a guess.  Select a letter – a,b,c,d and use that same letter every time you have to guess at an answer.  Statistically, this gives you better odds of “stumbling” on a correct answer occasionally.  
  7. Circle questions you skip in your test booklet.  This will make it faster to find those questions back.
  8. Pay attention to your answer sheet to make sure you are bubbling in the correct number.  This is especially important if you have skipped any questions.  
  9. Have a plan for the reading section before you even start the test – skim reading first, read questions first…?  
  10. Underline key parts of the question or problem.  This will help to ensure you are answering what is actually being asked.  

The SAT & Work Keys Schedule for our juniors can be accessed from the link below:

SAT & Work Keys Schedule