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NAHS Students Paint Mural

Chief Styles from Dalton Township Fire Department, contacted R-PHS art department to inquire if any National Art Honor Society members would be interested in painting a mural of the departments badge, on one of the bay walls at the station, where they park all of their trucks. Madison Segelstrom, Haley Fox, Madison Turner, and Cody Jonaitis signed up to work on the mural.  Madison Segelstrom shared, “After we planned, got paint made, and sketched the design on the wall, we spent a total of about 22 hours. We and some ups and downs, but we couldn’t be happier with the end result. The department was so welcoming, as always. It was a fantastic experience. We wanted to thank Chief Styles and Mr.Olson for giving us such an awesome opportunity”.

Another example of the impact R-P students are having on the community in which they live!