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R-PHS Raises $750.00 for Kids Food Basket

The Kids’ Food Basket is an organization whose mission is to provide healthy sack dinners for students who may not have a meal provided to them outside of the school day. Every day, volunteers help chop vegetables, make sandwiches, portion food items, and assemble sack dinners. These are delivered every day to schools, who in turn distribute them to students who are part of the program.

In February, the Sophomore class participated in a competition to see which English class could raise the most money and decorate the most bags for the Kids’ Food Basket. The effort was led by a single student – Savanna Huff. She saw a need and wanted to help fill it! Through her efforts and the help of the entire sophomore class, Reeths-Puffer High School raised $750 and decorated over 550 bags!

Photo from left to right: Stephanie Kerr-Cathey, KFB Muskegon Development Specialist

Savanna Huff, Reeths-Puffer Sophomore

Susan Derby, Reeths-Puffer English Teacher

Dan Beckeman, Reeths-Puffer High School Principal