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The Muskegon Promise

Pervading the Promise!
Because inquiring minds want to know…. TWO items of interest!

All eligible Promise Scholars will be notified by official letter this spring.  The MAISD will be sending the first wave of notifications on March 31, 2017.  Students will have one month to accept their award via an electronic registration process outlined in the letter. No applications are needed, simply some brief details on their college plans and general contact info. Our hope is their college choice and Promise plans will be celebrated at your Decision Day events!


I envision another wave of notifications going out in June as well, for those students who may need the full winter term to solidify their final GPA’s for Promise eligibility.

Within their eligibility letter will also be a reminder of what may still need to be done in order to collect on their award… FAFSA applications and enrollment into college first on the list!
From there, during the month of July, we will communicate with the colleges on behalf of all Promise scholars and ensure the registration and enrollment process is seamless.  And hopefully… worry free!  Any last minute FAFSA applications or verification needs will be handled by the colleges. Announcements of such will be made during orientation sessions on either campus.
stack_of_books.jpg New marketing and promotion plans are in the works for the Muskegon Area Promise! The Muskegon Area Promise Authority Board recently developed a vision to provide high quality marketing tools and strategies to ALL of our local schools.
The new “Dream Big Campaign”will motivate students at every grade level, Kindergarten through 12th grade, to achieve at higher levels and become an active part of the Muskegon Area’s college going culture. The campaign starts this spring with our youngest of learners! Kindergarten Round up! So not to give away the surprise… I leave you with this…. look for these fun, yet critical, promotions to arrive in your schools soon!

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