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Promise Scholarship Update

Some informative notes came to the high school from a recent meeting of our local College Access Network Executive Board Meeting regarding the Muskegon Promise Scholarship:

  • Students can start using Promise dollars beginning in the fall after graduation (the summer following graduation is not allowed, but summers after the first year would be).
  • The Promise is good for 4 years after graduation.   If they go off to school and for some reason end up back home, they can still use the money- so they would need to start 2 years after graduation to complete the associates under Promise dollars in time.
  • If students do come back home after having received some credits elsewhere, the Promise covers up to 62 credits- equivalent of as Associates, so whatever credits they come in with would count in those 62 (even though they likely paid for them elsewhere).
  • There is not a deadline for them to accept or deny. Students can deny initially and still come back at any time in the 4 years and say they would now like to accept.
  • Students who are TIP and Pell eligible can use that money the first 2 years, and then use the Promise money to finish out a Bachelors at Baker.
  • The Promise is a “last dollar” fund. Pell grants and TIP will be used first and then any leftover would come from the Promise.
  • Students cannot go away for school and then use Promise money for summer classes back home.
  • Students can wait to accept the Promise and still apply for Community Foundation scholarships using other school’s names. They can then compare at the end where they received the greatest package and choose.