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Texting & Driving Message

Pam and Ty Woods, from the organization Red Means Stop, came to campus to talk to Mr. Uganski’s Health classes about the dangers of Distracted Driving.  Their story is unfortunately, one of personal experience involving their grandson, Shaun.

Shaun Doss was paralyzed from the chest down when a young lady ran a red light while texting.  The driver in this case received minor bumps and bruises, but left Shaun with life-altering paralysis and a traumatic brain injury.


The significance of Shaun’s injury and how it forever changed the dynamics of his life and his family compelled Pam and Ty to share his story with as many young drivers as possible.

The Woods have spoken to over 5000 students from Arizona to Michigan. They tell their grandson’s story with the hope of saving others from the perils of using a cell phone while driving. The Woods asked the students to share Shaun’s story with anyone they see using a cell phone while driving.

It’s an important life lesson, never text and drive as the dangers associated with this activity are truly life altering.