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The Egg Drops!

The post was written by Emily Rogers, a junior in Mr. Richardson’s Physics class:

In Physics Mr.Richardson goes to great lengths to ensure the class knows what we are doing. Due to his bubbly personality and his perseverance for us to gain knowledge,  came the Egg Drop Project. It was a way for all the high school students to learn about finding the velocity of objects falling in a projectile motion. We learned about the materials we would need (pencil, paper, calculator, measuring tape, and a timer). We also focused on what are the pre-calculations we should look for before doing the project. (Mr.Richardson’s height, the velocity at which he walked and the height of where we dropped the eggs.

During this project it showed the impact on what each student would do that made working as a team the sole importance. We all had a purpose. Whether it was to measure the distance and height or find his velocity. Every role played a part on what team would get the egg to break over his head. During the process we used the equations; V=X/T and Y=4.9T2.. We used these equations to find the vertical and horizontal distances. because we knew they would hit the ground at the same time (another thing we learned in Physics). So finding both would ensure our goal of breaking an egg on his head.

Student Work:

Student Work I

Student Work II

Drop Walk I

Drop Walk II

Student work = Egg on Teacher!!