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The “Rocket 3” is Ready for Play

The newest addition to the R-PHS Campus:  The Rocket 3!  The Rocket 3 is a 9-hole Disc Golf Course, situated on the southeast corner of the high school campus and is open for play!

The idea for our newest campus addition came from an IEP meeting where when asked by a staff member what the student liked to do in their “free-time”, the response was, “I like to Disc Golf.”

From there, the ball (or disc) started to roll.  We are very fortunate to have a special group of Rockets that make popcorn and sell it at lunch and take the proceeds from their sales and make purchases to help make our school and campus a great place to learn, contribute and compete.  This group is our Rocket Enterprise Group and they are beloved by our students.

Through their sales, they donated $2,500.00 towards the purchase of nine official Disc Golf baskets.


A wonderful group of students (all ages!) and adults (some staff, some community members) came together recently to clear the course and place the “tee-posts” and Disc Baskets (shown in photo above) to complete the idea (dream) of a Rocket special needs student.  A special thank you to Rocket junior, Matt DeLeeuw for helping to lay out the design of the course.

It was a labor of love for many as they enjoyed each other’s company as they made the Rocket 3 a reality.  Pictured below is Mr. Kleaveland digging a hole for basket #7.


Picture below is Mr. Corey Johnson preparing to place basket #7 in its new home.


Pictured below are seniors Matt Johnston and Josh Robidoux clearing the lanes.


The Rocket 3 is open to students, families, community members and friends of R-P from anywhere and everywhere!  There is no cost, just a request of respect to our new course and our school campus!