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Congressman Bill Huizenga Visits R-PHS

It’s not everyday that a school gets the opportunity to have their Congressman come to campus to speak on topics of national interests as well as personal experiences.  It did happen for students in Mr. Corbin’s Personal Finance classes.

Mr. Corbin’s classes are involved in a national stock market challenge.  Our school is paired up with Rep. Huizenga. The top ten teams in the nation win an all-expense paid trip to Washington DC. Reeths Puffer has placed in the top ten 2 of the last three years.


He shared what his is currently working on in Washington DC which includes a lot of travel around the world working with foreign governments on important financial issues. There was some class discussion on current issues our own country is dealing with such a s budgeting and the Federal Reserve’s program of Quantitative Easing.

He discussed with the class the fact that he is also a business owner (Huizenga Gravel Company) and obtained a real estate license before serving in Lansing and Washington.

“It was a great experience to meet representative Bill Huizenga in class today.  He was very down to earth and answered all of our questions to the best of his ability.  He also informed us that he is involved in a lot of the stuff we learn in Personal Finance such as investing in stocks, mutual funds, etc.  He also listens to Dave Ramsey (our favorite).” – Kaylah VandeGuchte

He was asked questions about his own personal finances. He shared how he budgets, has a monthly budget meeting with his wife, saves, and invests in mutual funds and real estate. He is a big proponent of Dave Ramsey, and is a big advocate of living debt free and having a good emergency fund.

“The layman’s terms he used put perspective on the issues that affect not only the people he represents, but the world as a whole.  Alluding to Gulliver’s Travels, Representative Huizenga explained how his work and involvement with the government is making changes that affect the US and our allies for the better.” – Emily Bride

A hearty thanks to Mr. Corbin for working hard to get Congressman Huizenga on campus!