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Rocket Alumni Share Success Stories

Two VIP’s came back to campus to share their personal success stories about how they live very successful lives with CP (Cerebral Palsy).


Kaylie Malinowski (R-P Class of ’09) is pictured above with some of Mrs. Burkett’s students.  Kaylie shared that after leaving high school she found that people weren’t as nice as they were in school.  She said the “real world” is tough and having a positive attitude everyday makes things go better.  Kaylie has a supportive family and a wonderful aide (Bobbi) to help her meet her daily needs.  She enjoys the freedom her power-chair gives her as she really is an independent-minded woman.


Steven Santo (Class of ’07) lives with three other people who are also in wheelchairs.  Steven has been a guest speaker on many occasions, sharing his success story of living on his own and the determination it takes to live happily with CP.  At birth, his family was told that he would probably never speak or walk. Steven’s a living testimony to what a positive and determined mindset can do for any person.


Both Kaylie and Steven shared with the students that their favorite teacher in high school was Mrs. Burkett (pictured above with Kaylie and Steven).  Her constant encouragement and positive attitude has helped their transition into adulthood.

Comments made by students included this statement, “You inspired me to never give up, always keep trying and pushing for what you want and that made me look at life differently.”  Another statement made was, “What really inspired me about your life is how positive you are.  It inspires me to be positive.”

Mrs. Burkett shared, “Both Kaylie and Steven want people to know they don’t want to be babied or pitied, they just want to be treated like everyone else.”

Their visit to campus couldn’t have been more successful!