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Citizenship Parking Spaces Filled!

Two seniors were drawn from a large pool of qualified candidates to park in the most prime spots in the Roberts Road parking lot.


Seniors Leah Plank and Aaron Wikman qualified for the drawing by having a cumulative Citizenship Score of 3.5 or higher.

Each marking period, teachers score all students in three soft-skill areas on a 4-point scale

(1)  Attendance

(2) Work Ethic & Time Management

(3) Respect for Self & Others

R-PHS is the only high school to provide information to students and parents in these highly marketable character attributes.  One of the ways in which we recognize students who exhibit high Citizenship Scores is awarding the best parking spaces our campus has to offer.

Another way in which students are recognized for maintaining a 3.5 or higher Citizenship score is providing them with a letter of recommendation from Mr. Beckeman that can be taken to job interviews.  Many (92) businesses in the Greater Muskegon area have received personal communications from the high school regarding our Citizenship program to leverage our Rocket students’ success in securing jobs, especially in the summer.  Providing employers with this information, given to them by our students, gives them a much more holistic view of what they’re getting in the applicant.

The essence of this program is build and apply student understanding of the importance that these soft-skills play in the world of school and the work world.  To view the rubric used for our Citizenship program, click on the link below:

Citizenship the R-P Way