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R-PHS Artists Inspired by Art Prize 2015

R-PHS artists, under the direction of instructors, Mr. Hellmann and Mr. Olson, constructed our first “Installation” art project in the 500 hallway. Inspired by Art Prize 2015, where “Installation” art pieces were presented, our students constructed their own.


Installation art is a form of art that is “installed” in some environment to change people’s perception of that specific environment, and last Thursday, October 15, our RPHS art students installed paper airplanes to change the environment of the hallway outside of the art rooms. Through the repetition of about 5000 paper airplanes “flying” together down length of the hallway, students created patterns and movement, encouraging viewers to see that although we often fly together, it is often important to also fly alone.


Watch a time lapse video of our “Installation” art project.