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R-PHS Student Represents School & State at Congress of Future Science & Technology Leaders

When asked what Brayshouan Sain did for fun over his summer vacation, his response is not what most would expect coming from a high school student. Brayshouan was an active participant at the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders held in Boston, Massachusetts.


When asked what his favorite memories were from this prestigious opportunity, Brayshouan replied, “Getting the chance to hear from science prodigies like Erik Furman, engineers like Dean Kaneman and NASA’s Buzz Aldrin fueled my desire to become a high tech engineer.”

Brayshouan earned a very nice certificate recognizing his participation and completion of the Congress.

Brayshouan Sain

Brayshouan’s family was very supportive by making his trip to Boston a family adventure. They were able to take in the sights of Boston when Brayshouan was not in Congress meetings.

It’s a sure bet that Brayshouan will make a positive impact as a future high tech engineer.  Rocket City is very proud of Brayshouan!