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A Note to Juniors From Ms. Little, College Advisor at R-PHS

Summer is upon us! With just a few short months standing between your student and their senior year, here are a few things to keep in mind for the summer to help your student:

Career Interests: What does your student want to do with their life eventually? Do they have a particular career in mind or a particular career field in mind? If your student is having difficulty pinpointing what they would like to do, they may wish to visit onetonline.org. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, this website allows students to search for occupations they may be interested in based on factors like what field a job is in, job growth, education level needed, skills and abilities needed, etc.

In addition to searching online, all students are encouraged to gain hands-on experience by working, volunteering, or doing a job shadow.

Colleges: Students can apply to a college as soon as they have 6 semesters completed (end of Junior year), they have taken an ACT, and the college application is available. Since college applications many times open in August, students can actually begin applying for college even before returning to high school for their senior year. Thus, over the summer it is very important for students to begin reading college webpages, visiting campuses, etc. so they can begin creating a list of colleges they want to apply to. Bigfuture.org is a great place to start your research.

Note: Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch may qualify for a fee waiver to apply to colleges that charge an application fee.

The ACT: The first date on which students can retake the ACT in the fall is September 12th with an August 7thregistration deadline. Reasons to retake the ACT include potentially increasing the chances of being admitted at a particular college or university, increasing scholarship eligibility, and/or getting into an Honors program (this opens up the door to a number of opportunities). For ACT prep resources, please see the high school LMC webpage. Registration for retaking the ACT is done atactstudent.org.

Note: Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch may qualify for a fee waiver to cover the cost of retaking the ACT.

Scholarships: It is very important to start looking for scholarships as soon as possible. There are a number of websites that can be used to help search for scholarships such as fastweb.comzinch.com,  andcollegegreenlight.com. For more scholarship information, please visit rpcollegeadviser.weebly.com or visit the College Corner at Reeths-Puffer on Facebook.

If you have questions over the summer, please contact the College Adviser, Miss Little, at littleh@reeths-puffer.org.

Have a great summer!