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Art in the Moment Challenge This Saturday at R-PHS!

Do you want to see something really inspiring?  Is it possible to create a thematic art piece with a team of individuals using nothing but discarded junk?  The answer to the opening two questions is a resounding, YES!

R-P Art in the Moment Challenge was originally inspired by Muskegon Area Arts and Humanities Festival’s “Art in 8,” where 8 local artists compete by creating a work of art in an 8 hour time span.  After participating and observing this event, R-P art instructors, Mr. Jeff Hellmann and Mr. Craig Olson, have created the same opportunity for high school students by creating an annual Art Challenge at R-PHS.

The goal is to invite 7 local schools to form a “team” of student-artists to compete in a 5 hour art challenge, where they will create artwork from provided supplies and found objects.  Artists are asked to focus their creations around a theme, and this year’s theme is “The Power of Change.”  At the end of the day, the students artwork will be judged by local artists and MCC instructors, Timothy Norris and Patricia Opel.

IMG_1625 R-PHS will be represented by: Alyssa Clark, Autumn Johnson and Kayleigh Gonzalez.  When asked if she thought it would be a challenge working as a team rather than as an individual, Kayleigh shared, “I think being that we are all artists, we may face challenges because of our major art differences.  The three of us all have our own unique art style that makes us great individual artists.  But I believe with the right mindset, putting our heads and ideas together and creating a collaborative piece (something we have never done before), we will be capable of creating something amazing.

When asked if this year’s theme presents a challenge to the competing teams, Alyssa’s response was, “The Power of Change” is such a broad theme that I think can be translated well to any art piece.  With everyone experiencing change in one way or another, it becomes very relatable.  With that in mind, achieving this theme shouldn’t be too difficult.”

Autumn shared her excitement about the upcoming challenge; “What excites me is that we’re all coming together participating in this unique challenge.  We all get to share our diverse artistic skills and see how each other sees the “Power of Change”.”

The event will begin at 10:00 a.m. in art studio 502.  The event is free to the public.