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Red Means Stop

Have you ever run a red light?  Have you ever been caught in “no man’s land” on those late yellow, ready to turn red settings in an intersection?  Many have and many have experienced very unfortunate results. Mr. Uganski invited Pam & Ty Woods into his health classes to talk about an initiative that has national recognition as well as a close connection to their family.  The program is titled: Red Means Stop. IMG_4173 Pam Woods (photo above) shared their personal story of their grandson (Shaun Dos) and the accident that left him paralyzed from the shoulders down due to a driver who ran a red light while texting someone.  The texting driver walked away from the accident while her grandson lost the ability to walk forever.  The bike in the background of the photo was Shaun’s birthday gift that he was to receive later in the day that he was injured. Some takeaways for our students on facts about Running Red Lights:

  • Every day nearly 350 people are seriously injured and each year 650 people die as a result of red light running.
  • 95% of Americans are afraid they will be hit by a red light runner.
  • 56% of Americans admit to running red lights.

Pam and Ty Woods also shared their grandson’s facebook page with our students with the hope that many would “like” his page.  Shaun loves to meet new people.  His facebook page can be located at: For more information on Red Means Stop, visit their website at: