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Proposal 1: Impact Goes Beyond Roads

The vote on Proposal 1 is scheduled for May 5th.  So, what’s packed into Proposal 1?  Is it just about Roads?  If it passes, does it help or hurt public schools?  How is the sales tax impacted by its passage?  How does it raise revenue from vehicle registration fees?  The questions seem endless!  The article goes on to help readers understand Proposal 1 and make the voter as informed as possible.

The problem:  Michigan roads, highways and bridges are deteriorating due to a lack of “investment” from the state.  Currently, 32% of our roads are in “poor” condition and that is expected to increase to 65% by 2018.  The legislators are in consensus that we need an additional $1.2 billion annually to maintain our current infrastructure.

Increase Sales Tax

Proposal 1 does have a number of laws (10 to be exact) that generate revenue streams that are much needed to improve Michigan’s travel infrastructure.  A synopsis of Proposal 1 can be accessed from the links below.

Sales & Use Tax

Registration Fees

Road Maintenance

School Expense Information

Fuel Tax

Family Tax Credit

If you would like to view a non-partisan slide presentation on Proposal 1, the link below will take you to the Citizens Research Council of Michigan and guide you through Proposal.

Citizens Research Council of Michigan

The impact that Proposal 1 has on Reeths-Puffer Schools (if passed) would be an additional $200.00 per student, allowing our district to soften the blow of shrinking revenue streams flowing to all public school districts in the state of Michigan.  (click on image to enlarge).

Per Pupil Foundation Allowance

The vote on Proposal 1 is May 5th.  It’s important that our voters understand the proposal so to cast an informed vote.





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