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GPA, Rigorous Courses, Extra-Curriculars Leverage Acceptance into College

Next spring, our current sophomore class will be the first R-P class to take the SAT as part of the Michigan Merit Exam, a move away from the well known ACT.  The shift from the ACT to the SAT has brought about a shift in thinking in college admissions offices across the country too!  Over 800 current colleges and universities list either or both the ACT/SAT as “optional” tests in their admissions process.

So, what might the admissions offices have as their focal areas when reviewing college applications?  At R-PHS, we have been very consistent in our communications to our students, that the rigor of courses, their performance in these classes and their participation in extra-curricular activities will greatly improve their odds in being accepted in the college or university of their choice.

It was mentioned earlier in this post that over 800 hundred colleges and universities list standardized tests as “optional” in their admissions process.  To access this list, click on this link:

College List

A recent article was posted on work done and movement made at Kalamazoo College on the shift they’ve made to “optional” status with respect to the use of standardized testing as a component to their admissions protocol.  To read the article, click on the link below.

Kalamazoo College

We applaud the stance that Kalamazoo College has taken as well as the over 800 other colleges and universities with respect to the role standardized tests have played in the college admissions process.  This move recognizes the work done by students and school programs that provide a mural of work as compared to a snapshot in time.