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MME, Career Speakers Forum, Elective Fair & Work Keys

The next two days bring great opportunity for the majority of our students.  Tomorrow (Super Tuesday) will have our junior class taking the ACT as the foundational assessment for the Michigan Merit Exam.  At the conclusion of this assessment, our junior class will be released for the remainder of the school day.

The Career Speakers Forum will bring over 70 professionals from across our county onto campus to share their careers with our freshmen and sophomore students.  It’s a perfect time for this event as our underclass students are preparing to schedule courses for the 2015-16 school year.

On the heels of the Career Speakers Forum will be our Electives Fair where freshmen and sophomores will have the opportunity to hear about the elective courses that will be offered next school year.  It truly is a Super Tuesday! For our seniors, they will not be in attendance on Tuesday.

The plan for Wednesday brings a delayed start for our seniors while our juniors take on the Michigan Work Keys (Day II of the MME).  All students will return to a normal schedule by the end of third hour Wednesday.

MME Schedule

What the two days look like from the eyes of:

Class                             Tuesday                                                              Wednesday

Seniors                             No School                                                         Delayed Start (Hrs. 4-6)

Juniors                             MME (Dismissed 5th & 6th)                        Work Keys & normal 4-6 schedule

Sophomores                    Normal 1-3 hrs, CSF/Elective Fair              Normal School hours

Freshmen                        Normal 1-3 hrs, CSF/Elective Fair              Normal School hours