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R-PHS = A safe & Drug-Free School

Without question, a focus of our district has always been to:  provide a safe environment for our students to learn, contribute and compete.  Safety is a critical element to the learning process at all levels, an element we take very seriously.

Today the high school welcomed Rex, a canine drug dog to campus as a measure in maintaining a drug-free campus.  Officer Jamie Ottinger toured Rex through rows of student vehicles, gym lockers and a few random classrooms in support of our efforts keeping any and all drugs off campus.

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Rex did not hit on any car, locker, gym bag or backpack during his time with us.  We were pleased with this result as Rex, being a highly trained drug dog can sniff out any elicit drug, according to officer Ottinger.

This planned event was weeks in preparation and was carried out effectively.  We will continue to maintain a proactive approach with our commitment to a safe and drug-free school and our work with Rex will continue with other future visits.