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Spring Musical: Godspell


The high school fine arts department will present Godspell March 12-14.  The show is the gospel of St. Matthew set to rock and roll music.  Some might remember to song, “Day by Day” which was the one crossover hit from the show.

The first act is a series of parables delivered by Jesus and his followers.  They are told in very creative ways and the lessons for the audience are very clear.

The second act is the last week of Jesus’ life.

The company has chosen to set the story on a modern day playground with the idea that the cast will go from negative playground behaviors (when not following the teachings) to positive playground behavior and community building (once they begin following the parables).  The message should be very powerful.

The Cast List

Jesus:  Sam Anderson, Judas: Chris Switzer, Telly: Jesse Miller, Nick: Matt Johnston, George: Nate Goodman, John the Baptist: Kyle Goltz, Hunter Hubers, Noah Jahn, Eli Nichols, Anna Maria: Bri Bush, Lindsay: Abby Clark, Telli: Bri Klug, Uzo: Halina Halasinski, Morgan: Allison Gilde, Morgan: Maria Nolan, Celisse: Jackie Anderson, Lexi Bogue and Bri Klub


Isabelle Guerra, Kendra Irvine, Madison Reynolds, Trisha Bond, Erin Boersma, Maddison Schuppe, Hayley Vanderwall, Kaitlyn Timmerman, Kaylee Houseman, Lexi Bogue, Kaylin Gaylord, Bree Cooper, Carly Murat, Maria Nolan, Jackie Anderson, Kaylynn Moschke, Danielle Otworth, Dierdra Boertman, Taylor Dibble, Meleanie Lamrock, Lexi Anderson, Jing Wang, Noah Jahn, Kyle Goltz, Hunter Hubers, Brandon Lemieux, Michael Westbrook and Luke Lewis

Singing Chorus

Kristen Wood, Morgan Perez, Eli Nichols and Brandon Archer

Pit Musicians

Jordan Martin, Bryan Buck, Devon Lamrock, Andrew Ostoin, Jim Martin, Jackie Fisher and Philip DeYoung


Clara Bonebrake, Abby Carr, Elliott Link, Misty Bond, Emily Briggs, Max Churchill, Brandon Ferris, Amber Foltynewicz, Sam Hickman, Josiah Holmes, Alex Huber, Aaron Julien, Justin Keech, Adam Knapp, Aurelius Miller, Celeste Ordish, Isaiah Potter, Wallace Reames, Mitchell Rudholm, Brendan Schoonbeck, Alex Snyder, Kaylie Spira and Adam Sutter

Directing Team

Trent Klairter, Regina Schlaff, Jackie Fisher, Philip DeYoung, Erin Blais, Ruthie Hubers, Laura Dyga, Mark Lewis, Bob Switzer, Kim Rogers, Juli Lewis and Joe Milder