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SAT: Most Recent Educational Change (and Acronym!)

Over the past few years, we have embraced changes handed down from our state legislators in the following manner; aligned curriculum to the CCSS (Common Core State Standards), unpacked the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), supported our students as adjustments were to the MMC (Michigan Merit Curriculum), preparing to implement M-Step (Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress) to our assessments for juniors and finally, from what seemed by many to be a financially-motivated decision, preparing to shift away (spring of 2016) from the ACT to the SAT as the foundational instrument used to measure student achievement for all public schools in our great state.

This spring will mark the last time our Rocket juniors will take the ACT as part of the MME (Michigan Merit Exam).  It will also mark the last time that this well-respected assessment will come free of charge to our juniors.  Starting with the class of 2017 (next year’s juniors), the ACT will become an optional assessment that students must pay for as the state will only cover the costs of the SAT, since it has been adopted as the new foundational assessment for the MME. The SAT will be the assessment given in the spring at R-PHS for the next three years (length of bid award).  A quick look at the SAT:

  • Assesses students in reading, math and writing
  • Test duration:  3 hours & 50 minutes (with essay)
  • Score Range:  400 – 1600
  • Other Subject Tests are available but will not part of the SAT (History & Science for example)
  • Recent upgrades better align with the Common Core
  • Students can receive their scores online 2 weeks after assessment is completed
  • Has a stronger emphasis on vocabulary than the ACT
  • Questions in each tested area progress in difficulty
  • Test-takers are not penalized for wrong answers
  • Each question has equal value


For further information on the SAT, click on the links below:

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