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Powderpuff Volleyball: A Huge Hit!

The annual Powderpuff Volleyball Tournament had 18 teams registered in an attempt to knock off the reigning senior champs in a fun-filled competition among Rocket men of all grade levels.

Mr. Hellmann, Varsity Volleyball Coach was instrumental in organizing this exciting event that drew over 100 spectators onto campus to watch the guys compete.  Our own varsity girls volleyball players served as referees on all courts (Cam V. serves as line judge below).

Cam V


Here are a few of the competing teams that created team shirts for the competition:

Chirp Squad


Good Squad

The tournament final match was played between the seniors and the staff.  It was a very competitive match with the staff team edging the seniors by the final score of 25-23.

Powderpuff Volleyball Champs 2014

As part of the fun, an agreement was made between Mr. Beckeman and the seniors that, if the staff team won, the senior men would wear skirts to school the following day. The seniors made good on the bet!

Senior Skirts

Another great memory of their high school days!  R-PHS, a great place to learn, contribute and compete!