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An Amazon Perk for High School LMC

Here’s an extremely easy way in which you can help our library earn much $$$ for greatly  needed resources.

How many of you already regularly shop Amazon?   The LMC is now part of the Amazon Associate’s program.  This means that when you purchase from Amazon using the Amazon link specific to R-PHS LMC, a % of your purchase comes back to the LMC.  The percentage that comes back varies by type of purchase and how many purchases are made each month, but most of the “give backs” are in the 7-10% range.  That’s right, all you need to do is use the link provided in this e-mail when you order from Amazon, and you will be helping the LMC purchase much needed resources.

Here is the link specific to R-PHS.

Bookmark this on your home and school computer.

Or you can also use this QR code for those of you who shop using your smart phones.


​Thanks in advance for your support of our LMC at R-PHS!