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R-PHS Announces Homecoming Court

Homecoming is a special time at R-PHS as we look forward to welcoming back to campus our alumni on Friday, September 24th.  Each year our student body elects students whom they feel represent their classes in positive ways.  This year is no different.  We have an outstanding homecoming court!  Let’s introduce them to you.

Freshman Class Representatives:  Cami Dick and Brennan Johnson

Brennan and cami (9th)

Sophomore Representatives:  Lauren Jones and Dawson Romanowski

Lauren and dawson (10th)

Junior Representatives: Zoe Kelly and Mike Luker

zoe and mike (11th)

The Senior Court

Allison Gilde and Noah Cramer

Alison and Noah C (12th)

Micah Peel and Jesse Miller

Micah and jesse (12th)

Paige Baustert and Dereko Riley

Paige and Dereko (12th)

Sarah DeYoung and Alex Mavis

Sarah and Alec (12th)

Breanna Klug and Noah Jahn

Breanna and Noah J (12th)

R-PHS Homecoming Court 2014

HC Group 2014