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Citizenship Communicates Soft Skills

When many businesses in the greater Muskegon county were asked, “What do you desire in new employees?”, the far majority responded this way: “We want workers who show up and show up on time.  We want them to be self-directed employees and be respectful of our organization and the people associated with our business.”

This is the driving force behind R-PHS Citizenship scores.  We do measure these very important soft skills.  Our students are measured by their teachers in the following areas:

  • Attendance
  • Work Ethic & Time Management
  • Respect for self and others

Our Citizenship rubric is communicated to students throughout our classrooms, website and hallways!

Citizenship Rubric

The current status of our seniors, juniors and sophomores is presented below:

57% of our senior class has a cumulative score above 3.5

56% of our junior class has a cumulative score above 3.5

46% of our sophomore class has a cumulative score above 3.5

Below is a photo of our data spotlight communicating to our student body their Citizenship score information. (Click to enlarge).

Citizenship Data Spotlight

It’s a great benefit to our student body to understand the value and benefit of maintaining a respectable Citizenship score.  While our academic grades provide indicators of what students know in various subject areas, Citizenship scores provide measures in areas that workforce employers list as critical employability markers.

An example of this was a recent call made from The Lakehouse restaurant in downtown Muskegon to our Principal, Mr. Beckeman asking him to announce that The Lakehouse manager would like to hire three Rocket students who have a 3.5 or higher Citizenship score.

We are proud of our students and have a desire to educate them in ways that will make them highly sought after future leaders in our community.  Our Citizenship program in another means to this end.