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It Was A Poetic “SLAM-DUNK”

It was a Poetry Slam “Dunk” last night in the high school LMC as 23 Rockets stepped on stage to share either an interpretive reading or an original work as part of our Poetry Slam 2014.  Tim Hegedus and Greg Woodring served as MC’s and did a magical job keeping the sizeable audience laughing and applauding via the snapping of fingers.

 The following students presented Interpretive Reading:

Anna Morse:  “A Childhood Survival Guide” by Holden Contreras

Jessica Coffell:  “For You: by Anonymous

Landon Fortenberry:  “Strange Hurt” by Langston Hughes

Mackenzie Yaussy: “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost

Alvin McCrary: “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King

Shy Foster: “Body Love” by Mary Lambert

Aubree Cook: “Lost Generation” by Jonathan Reed

Stephen Kowalski: “Tiny Glowing Screens, Part 2” by George Watsky

Tim Hegedus: “The Future” by Neil Hilborn

Greg Woodring: “Girl Who Reads” by Mark Grist
The following students presented Original Work:

Alyssa Moinet: “Rocks”…independence, strength and gratitude

Taylor Dibble: Original Poem

Mackenzie Yaussy: “Sold”

Angel Cook: “Should We Act As Though Everything Is Okay?”

Anna Morse: “We Are”

Danielle Schugars: “Sleight of Hand”

Klay Grant: “Racism”

Landon Fortenberry: Why Does Your Heart Beat?”

Kacey Wansten: “Step Away”

Mickayla Gorby: “The Voices”

Nitosha Radosa: “Time is Homework”

Nikoma Henkels: “Light Truths”


The winners in the Interpretive Reading:

3rd Place: Landon Fortenberry ($10.00 cash prize from student council)

2nd Place: Tim Hegedus ($15.00 cash prize from student council)

1st Place: Greg Woodring ($25.00 cash prize from student council)

Interpretive Winners (L-R: Landon, Tim & Greg)

The winners in the Original Work category were:

3rd Place: Danielle Schugars ($10.00 cash prize from student council)

2nd Place: Alyssa Moinet ($15.00 cash prize from student council)

1st Place: Taylor Dibble ($25.00 cash prize from student council)

Interpretive Winners (L-R: Danielle, Alyssa, Taylor)

 Mrs. Nancy Burton commented on the Slam, “I was a proud English teacher last evening at the Poetry Slam.  Students were poised, articulate and passionate about conveying both humor and truth. It was a thought provoking and fun evening.  Hands down the best Slam we’ve had at R-P!”

Our Six Winners!


Mrs. Joan Vincent, lead advisor of the “Slam” shared her thoughts, “Once again I was so impressed by our students.  The student participants truly “got” the concept of performance poetry.  Their selections were intense, revealing and humorous – all good choices for engaging an audience.  I was also impressed with the number of students who memorized their selections, many of which, were quite lengthy.  The time all of the participants put into rehearsing their performances was obvious.  I couldn’t be more proud of all of these students, many of whom, took a great risk in opening themselves and their work to a public audience.”

Watch for SLAM 2015 next spring!