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Poetry Slam Coming Back to R-PHS

So…you’re probably wondering….what exactly is aPoetry Slam?

A Poetry Slam is an event where budding poets PERFORM their original work and are judged by selected audience members.  A poetry slam emphasizes the quality of the poetry as well as the quality of the performance.  Numerical scores (0-10) are given taking both of these factors into account.

Are there rules associated with a Poetry Slam?

The rules of a Poetry Slam are few.  All poetry read must be the original work of the reader.  Narrative, free-verse – all forms of poetry are acceptable.  Each reader has three minutes in which to read his/her selection.  The poet may not use any props, costumes or music.  The poet is expected to provide a dramatic reading of the poetry as the PERFORMANCE is as important as the poetry itself.  While it is not required, memorizing the poems is recommended.

Any alternatives to performing original work at the Poetry Slam?

Yes!  The R-PHS Poetry Slam will have an Interpretive Reading Division.  This option is for students who do not wish to read poetry they have written themselves, but still enjoy reading poetry.  To enter the Interpretive Reading Division, a student selects a favorite poem and then prepares an expressive reading of it to share with the audience.  The Interpretive Reading will be scored separately from the SLAM entries.  Both categories will be awarded prizes.

How (and WHO) does one get involved?

The R-PHS Poetry Slam is reserved for current high school students.  Students interested in taking part in this unique opportunity, can either contact their English teacher or see Mrs. Vincent in the LMC for an entry form.  Students can also access an entry form from the link below.

Poetry Slam Entry Form

All entries have a deadline of 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 23rd to Mrs. Vincent in the LMC.