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Continuous Improvement (NCA: School Improvement)

Continuous Improvement is the last of the seven standards of school improvement that our professional staff focus their energy, time and talents on at R-PHS.  In keeping our stakeholders (students, parents and community members) informed on the progress of our efforts in each of the seven standards is very important as we focus our mindset on improving student achievement.

The links below connect to earlier posts on Rocket News and provide specific information to the NCA process of school improvement and the work in progress for each standard.


Standard One: Vision and Purpose

Standard Two: Governance and Leadership

Standard Three: Teaching and Learning

Standard Four: Documenting and Using Results

Standard Five: Resources and Support Systems

Standard Six: Stakeholder Communications and Relationships

Standard Seven:  Continuous Improvement: The school establishes, implements, and monitors a continuous process of improvement that focuses on student performance.

The High School received the following commendations from our last Internal Peer Review visit:

  • Building leadership is supporting a culture of continued school improvement
  • The use of referral keeper for individual student data provides vital information to help guide needed interventions
  • Extra-curricular programs have a positive impact on the school culture
  • Data is used to determine levels of support needed to meet student needs
  • Staff are involved and often lead professional development activities

Improvement efforts in progress to augment what’s been done and continues to be in place are:

  • Video-taped lesson components being used as part of the evaluation program
  • Rocket Recognition program promotes positivity among students
  • Career Speakers Forum highlighted careers in all six pathways
  • Intervention training:  15 second intervention to eliminate mean and aggressive behavior
  • ECMC partnership with Muskegon Community College
  • NGSS and CCSS curriculum work

The high school will undergo a two-day review with the Internal Peer Review Team in late April.  A post of the results from this review will be shared shortly after the review is presented to our professional staff.