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Art in the Moment at R-PHS

This art challenge was originally inspired by Muskegon Area Arts and Humanities Festival’s “Art in 8”, where 8 local artists compete by creating a work of art in an 8 hour timespan.  After participating and observing this event (as well as asking for the blessing of MMA), R-PHS art instructors, Mr. Hellmann and Mr. Olson, decided to create the same opportunity for high school students by creating an annual Art Challenge at R-PHS.

Some details of the event:

  • Every team creates a work of art together, and any artwork created by a team is acceptable as long as they attempt to adhere to the yearly theme
  • Each team will be able to select from a collection of “found objects”
  • Each team will create an artwork from found objects and provided supplies
  • Every team will be provided with 4×4 ft. piece of plywood, 5-pack of acrylic paint (black, white, and primary colors), paint brushes, and a roll of tape
  • Power tools (and screws and nails) will also be provided for team use
  • 2 mystery items will be provided on the day of competition and well be expected to be incorporated into the artwork
  • All supplies and materials will be provided
  • Teams will be allowed to create 2d or 3d artwork
Mr. Olson & Mr. Hellmann with the “Art in the Moment” trophy.

A post will go out on Rocket News with the winner Monday.  Good luck Rockets!