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Resources & Support Systems (NCA: School Improvement)

Resources and Support Systems is the fifth of seven standards of school improvement based on NCA Accreditation.  In keeping our stakeholders informed of the progress made in each standard, an update of action plans is being communicated via posts to Rocket News.  The links below connect to earlier posts providing information on the NCA school improvement process as well as  action plans in progress for standards 1-4.


Standard One: Vision and Purpose

Standard Two: Governance and Leadership

Standard Three: Teaching and Learning

Standard Four: Documenting and Using Results

Standard Five:  Resource and Support Systems:  The school has the resources and services necessary to support its vision and purpose and to ensure achievement for all students.

The High School received the following commendations from our last Internal Peer Review Visit:

  • The use of Referral Keeper as a resource for the analysis, understanding, and utilization of data to make decisions on placement and allocation of resources for students.
  • The increased number of clubs and organizations open to students.
  • The high use of online supports for students and parents to support instruction and school to home communication.
  • The increased resources for remedial and extension opportunities, including math block, Apollo and AP courses.
  • Increased college/career support for students through Rockets Launched, Career Fair and College day.
  • Staff are available for students outside of class to offer added instructional support.

Improvement efforts in progress to augment current practices for standard five are:

  • Intervention Room support for special needs students
  • Citizenship score data to target areas of improvement in time management and work ethic
  • Mentoring plan to impact most academically challenged freshmen
  • Before school intervention room to support student achievement in the four core subject areas

Watch for the next post on Standard 6:  Stakeholder Communications and Relationships.