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R-P & Mona Shores: More Alike Than Different

As fellow OK Black Division members, R-PHS and Mona Shores High School have many things in common.  Both schools are part of the greater Muskegon area, have enrollment figures within 50 students, compete in the same conference, are teammates in swimming, have proud school traditions and history.

This past fall, pride and tradition were somewhat compromised by a few school and community members from both schools by comments made via the social media site, Twitter.  This occurred at the time both schools were preparing to compete on the football field where both teams were experiencing incredible seasons.

Administration from both schools were quick to address the mean and aggressive behavior being “tweeted” between both schools.

R-PHS and Mona Shores assembled a team of students that met at Mona Shores High School to discuss ideas and craft plans to restore our friendly, competitive rivalry that historically’s been enjoyed by both communities for years.  Recently, Mona Shores BPA group developed a video summarizing this meeting presented below.

It’s our hope that the students from both our schools will respond in a positive manner when our teams compete in all future sporting events.  Afterall, we’re more alike than we are different.

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