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Students succeed at Baker College Business & Technology Challenge

Brianna Dennison, Jackson Woodruff, Conner Loughridge and Courtney Prim participated in Baker College’s annual Business & Technology Challenge on Tuesday, December 17 at Baker College in Muskegon.

This group of students was the first to participate in this challenge in recent memory.

The Challenge entailed completing a four-part exercise in bookkeeping and accounting practices and concepts.

  • Answering 40 multiple-choice questions about accounting practices and concepts
  • Journalizing transactions to a general journal
  • Preparing financial statements for a company
  • Posting transactions to a general ledger

Completion of these exercises requires a high level of familiarity with bookkeeping procedures and concepts, and all the students completed the challenge admirably.  Senior Brianna Dennison, who plans to pursue a career in financial management, earned 3rd Place for her performance in the challenge.