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Governance & Leadership

In keeping our stakeholders informed of work done and work in progress on improving educational efforts by our instructional and administrative staff, an update post will be presented on each standard comprising AdvandEd’s standards of School Excellence.  To learn more about R-P’s history with NCA (North Central Accreditation), Click here.

The Seven Standards defining Excellent Schools are: (if underlined, a link to more information is provided)

  • Vision and Purpose
  • Governance and Leadership
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Documenting and Using Results
  • Resource and Support Systems
  • Stakeholder Communications and Relationships
  • Continuous Improvement

Standard Two:  Governance & LeadershipR-PHS is measured by our efforts to provide governance and leadership that promotes student performance and school effectiveness.

The high school received the following commendations from our last Internal Peer Review visit:

  • Double-Block course creation in support of challenged learners
  • Teacher Keeper:  online warehouse created to inform teachers of student performance data to support learning
  • English department’s paper grid identifying number, level and complexity of skill building in the writing process
  • IMPACT team created to assist in shaping culture by teaching leadership skills with identified student influencers
  • Going “Green” by converting the student handbook and curriculum guide to online products
  • School goals and student data are posted for viewing in the building
  • Emphasis on college is evident in the building.  Staff member photos and college affiliations are posted outside classrooms
  • Citizenship is in place with posted rubric for student viewing
  • Apollo program (alternative school within the school) has been effective for students to recover credit and get on track
  • Staff felt communication meets expectations
  • Students and parents commented that R-PHS is a safe place
  • Mission Statement is posted in many areas of the school

The IPR’s recommendations to consider for improvement included:

  • Consistent presentation and processing of learning goals for each lesson taught by all staff everyday
  • Develop a math goal to align with district
  • Focus on questioning techniques that engage all students
  • Maintain up-to-date grading for online viewing for parents (parent portal)

Work in Progress:

  • Instructional staff have heighted their focus on the processing of their daily learning goals.  All staff present their learning goals at the start of each lesson with many using common templates that are posted to their online supports.
  • NCA steering team has been merged with our team leaders (department heads) to streamline improvement efforts
  • Counseling department presented College Week resulting in many “launched seniors
  • Citizenship scoring and reporting to students and staff to augment building a culture where students are cognizant of their attendance, work ethic and respect for themselves and our school
  • Coalition formed between R-PHS & Mona Shores to deepen student understanding of what constitutes respect & dignity within a rivalry
  • Upgrades to website for improvement in communications beyond parent portal

The next school improvement post will focus on Standard Three:  Teaching & Learning