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Vision & Purpose

In keeping our stakeholders informed of work done and work in progress on improving educational efforts by teachers and administration, an update post will be presented on each standard comprising AdvancEd’s standards for School Excellence.

Standard One:  Vision & Purpose  The school establishes and communicates a shared purpose and direction for improving the performance of students and the effectiveness of the school.

Our vision and purpose truly is to ignite our students’ minds through a rich, expansive and challenging curriculum.  The high school staff is aggressively moving forward with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards to fuel students with  knowledge to be successful in future years.

Our Mission:  Igniting Minds, Fueling Futures

The High School received the following commendations from our last Internal Peer Review Visit:

  • Online Curriculum Guide and Student Handbook
  • Increase in number of clubs & organizations
  • Record Keeping system “Teacher Keeper” provides expansive student information
  • Online supports for students through blogs and moodle
  • College focus through “Launched” program
  • Citizenship the R-P Way


Improvement efforts in progress to augment what’s been done and continues to be in place:

  • Mission statement added to daily announcements, tag lines, and posters in every classroom
  • Our Vision of connecting our stakeholders being promoted via Rocket News, Facebook and Twitter
  • Three key posters in each classroom:  District Strategic Plan, Mission Statement & Citizenship Rubric
  • Teachers trained in 15 second intervention addressing any/all mean behavior (McEvoy Professional Development)
  • Rocket Recognition Slips used to promote and recognize positive student behavior
  • Kindness Campaign:  Set Kindness Free

We’ve experienced a very positive first marking period and look forward to engaging additional strategies to move our mission forward.

The next school improvement update will present Standard Two: Governance & Leadership.